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Our aim at DCC Solutions is to provide high quality professional DCC conversions and modifications for the Australian Railway Modeller. With over 10 years of DCC installation experience and building our own Custom Sound Projects relevant to our Unique Australian Locomotive sounds, DCC Solutions is one of Australia's best! DCC Solutions provides an honest, reliable and quality customer service with advice and recommendations regarding your DCC installation. From basic DCC motor control through to sound and lighting modifications, we can customise your installation to suit your needs and budget. We recognise that model railway enthusiast like their scaled model locomotives to operate and sound as close to the real thing, so we are constantly looking at ways to achieve these requirements. For sound, we recommend and use the ESU LokSound 5 sound decoders in our installations, so we can provide a completely custom-built sound project sound that contains authentic recorded sounds with some additional sounds from our library plus customised sound programming along with additional functions and features, not available from other DCC Sound retailers or even from factory fitted sound, to suit the model it is intended to represent, resulting in a more realistic sounding and operating locomotive model. Don't just settle for American generic sounds in your Australian locos, get Australian sounds instead with DCC Solutions. Specialising in lighting control, we have improved the factory installed lighting on many new release locomotives as well as some older models. Where possible, separating the lighting for more prototypical control. On some models we have achieved up to 12 individual function lighting outputs for total prototypical light control when using DCC that looks impressive. We have a DCC Mechanic that can perform DCC related repairs. If something has gone wrong with your DCC equipped loco, don't just put it back in a box in the cupboard, let us get it back on the rails working again. Have a look around the website and see what we can do with your locomotives. We don't just work on Australian Locomotives displayed on our installation page but a range of locomotives including, Ready to Run, American, British, European and Scales N, HO, O, HOn3. So don't hesitate to contact us if you have an enquiry or question regarding DCC. You will be surprised with some of the results we have achieved.

  • We are an Authorised ESU Installation Dealer and Retailer
  • We are an Authorised TCS Installation Dealer and Retailer
  • We are an Authorised Soundtraxx Installation Dealer and Retailer

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